US Nurses Processes

We present the 8 steps to achieve a successful evaluation and obtain the NCLEX-RN and PTE/TOEFL/IELTS certifications.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in nursing
  • Professional/General Nursing/TSU

The only requirement to enter the program is to have a professional, General, TSU or bachelor’s degree in nursing since the program supports the validation process for the nursing and English exam, supports in the search for a job offer and, with help from the hospital, generates an immigration procedure with a permanent resident visa.


Enrollment to the US training program

Select and purchase one of our training plans in order to be assigned to a case manager and formally start the administrative process. In addition to being scheduled for an academic induction session to start NCLEX-RN preparation


Formal start of the program at the administrative/documentary and academic level

Administrative process

  • Collect initial documentation.
  • Fill out forms and applications.
  • Generate required courses.
  • Send 0documentation to the USA.

↑ Case manager ↑

NCLEX-RN Training Program

  • Start of the classes for the proficiency exam in Nursing
  • beginning of classes for the proficiency exam in English

↑ Teaching Team ↑


Approve the proficiency exam in Nursing

Obtain the PASS in the NCLEX-RN exam, proof of having the academic skills to practice at a professional level as a Registered Nurse.


Obtaining a license to practice at a professional in the United States

Receive a professional license to practice at a state level as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Registered Nurse.


Defending the proficiency exam in English

Achieve the level of proficiency required in the English language to receive Visa Screen (Document of vital importance at the immigration level).


Obtaining Visa Screen Certificate, job offer and immigration process

With the support of the US Nurses team, manage the Visa Screen, job offer and start the immigration process with the hospital or employer.


Coming to the United States to practice at a Professional level

Achieve the proposed goal of getting to the city of the job offer with: Approved career, signed job offer, initial date of training and work, proficiency in the English language and issued residence visa.